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Baric Insurance agents have over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry and our team of experts are ready to handle all your insurance needs. We provide professional guidance and instant quotes from numerous insurers nationwide. You can trust our team of seasoned insurance agents as we deliver quality experience time and time again. Below are the numerous insurance services we offer at Baric Enterprises and we connect you with the top rated insurance companies for the best care and service.

Licensed Insurance Services

We specialize in life insurance, final expense, medicare insurance, annuities, long term care insurance, retirement planning, life settlements, pre-settlement funding and other types of creative investments. Our independent insurance agency in Boca Raton has a team of seasoned experts waiting to help you with your financial and insurance needs.

Life Insurance 

Different insurance companies often charge vastly different premiums for the exact same insurance coverage. As independent agents we are not employed by one particular company. Instead, we can select insurance products from among those companies that best address your unique concerns when it comes to life insurance.

Medicare Insurance

Whatever your requirements are when it comes to Medicare, our licensed accredited insurance agents are experts in all aspects of Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurance. We’ll help you navigate the Medicare minefield and find the plan that suits you best within your budget. Contact us today and start benefitting from these great insurance plans.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance offers an affordable solution that will help relieve you of the considerable out of pocket costs that come with long term care. Baric Enterprises specializes in long term care insurance and are here to help our clients find reasonable solutions. Premiums are often tax deductible, dependent on the age of the beneficiary.  Any benefits paid to you will be excluded from income.

Disability Insurance

If you become ill or disabled and are unfortunately unable to work, you need to think about your options when it comes to disability insurance. Baric Enterprises has a solution and we provide individual disability insurance; key person disability insurance for businesses; high limit disability insurance for those with higher incomes and business overhead disability insurance to cover business expenses in the event of a disability, to name a few. Everyone should consider their options when it comes to how they could care for themselves and their loved ones should disability occur and our insurance specialists have you covered.

At Baric Enterprises we deliver a quality experience for our customers and pride ourselves on providing customers with peace of mind when it comes to insurance services. Call our independent insurance agency in Boca Raton today and start benefitting from these great plans right away. We are here to help you get the insurance services you need and provide you with real solutions.