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Auto Accident Settlement Advance

Receive fast pre-settlement funding for auto accident lawsuits. 

Car accidents can cause a financial burden. Don’t wait. Contact us today to discuss available options for car accident settlement funding. Qualify instantly with our fast approval process. 

What is Car Accident Funding? How is it different from Car Accident Loans?

Car accident funding is a risk-free cash advance borrowed against pending settlements or judgments. This type of financing is offered to individuals who have experienced injury from someone’s negligence and have filed a lawsuit to recover damages. If the injured parties aren’t provided financial compensation from their claims, they do not have to pay back any cash advance received from the legal funding company.

A car accident loan is not the same as car accident funding. The term car accident loan is often used to explain car accident funding, a type of non-recourse funding for car accident claims. Non-recourse means the funding company cannot seek compensation by going after other assets belonging to the injured individuals. If the car-accident lawsuits are not won or settled in the victims’ favor, the legal funding company does not get refunded.

How Does It Work?

Our process for auto accident pre-settlement funding is simple. 

Apply For Settlement Funding

The first step to see if you qualify for funding is through a fast and easy application. Provide us with your basic information and auto accident details. We work quickly to filter through applications because we understand the level of urgency best.

Get Your Approval

Our approval process happens within one day. We do not run any credit checks, income verification, or employment verification. There are no upfront fees, no monthly payments, and you don’t have to pay it back if you don’t win your case. We eliminate your risk exposure.

Receive Your Funds

Once approved, funds are sent out within a few hours to qualified applicants. The entire process takes a total of 24 hours. We want to get the funds into the hands of the victims who need them quickly.  

How Can We Help?

In the event of an accident, the victim can experience a severe financial burden. The legal process can last a long time, leaving the victim to fend for themselves. This is where a cash advance or cash settlement can help. We employ a team of experts to review cases carefully. There are no low-ball offers or complex parameters to meet. We can provide help to those in need. Key features that we can offer are as follows: 

Instant Funding

The entire process takes no more than 24 hours. That means within one day, we can approve you and get funding into your hands. Our fast approach keeps accident victims safer and well compensated for their troubles without the risk.  

Risk-Free Guarantees

We take the risk out of your hands. If you don’t win your case after funding is provided, you don’t pay us back anything. This is our guarantee to protect our victims without creating a new financial burden. 

Best Rates

Expect the lowest rates on the market. We can match or beat any offer a competitor makes, so don’t forget to apply today. 

Why Choose Baric Settlement Funding?

Baric settlement funding is a one-stop independent financial and insurance agency. Everything we do is to make our customers feel safe and protected. Our policies create a customer-first approach to meet all their needs and exceed expectations along the way.

Trust a team of experts to handle your case today.

Easy Claims

Our claim process for customers is specifically optimized for ease of use. Simply provide all requested information and click submit. We will have your case under review within 10 minutes. After a few hours, a verdict is made on approval. This means within 24 hours. You will have the funds in your possession.

24/7 Support

Customer support is our number one priority. We have our team working around the clock to review new approval requests to stay on top of the quick turnaround time. Our team can also be reached 24 hours a day for any questions or concerns you may have. The entire process is entirely transparent to keep customers informed every step of the way.

What Can We Cover?

A plaintiff with a pending auto accident lawsuit can seek assistance through auto accident funding advances. There are two primary categories that we can cover.  

Personal Injury

Car accident victims are immediately hit with significant financial burdens and new expenses they cannot afford. Pre-settlement funding gives these victims quick access to the money for faster payments. Medical providers also benefit by receiving timely payment.

Car Accident Damage

Car accident victims also face the trouble of repairs in the event of an accident. Without the funding to afford to fix their vehicle, they could be left without a means of transportation. An auto accident settlement advance can get the victim the money they need to fix their car and get back on the road.


In the event you have a different requirement, let us know. We may be able to help you too!

How Much Can You Get From Your Auto Accident Settlement Advance?

The amount of funding will vary based on the severity and pending lawsuit case. The average car accident lawsuit is for $21,000. The number can go much higher if there are more severe injuries or damages to occur too. 

Accident advances are a portion of your pending lawsuit that become available immediate access. Each case will receive different funding based on parameters such as pending expenses, lawsuit charges, and severity.

The best way to determine what you can qualify for is by applying to receive a quote with your expected funding.

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Car Accident Loans
Frequently Asked Questions

Car accident loans are a way to receive funding for any pending lawsuits involving your injury or damage sustained during a car accident. Instead of sitting back and waiting for the case to settle, a car accident loan can be provided.

Accident loans are used to pay for vehicle repairs, medical bills, and any other urgent bills or expenses related to the accident. Accident loans will typically come with a small interest fee and must be paid back after the court’s settlement occurs.

Accident loans are a risk-free way to receive immediate funding to heal a financial burden due to an unexpected accident. Accident loans are also safe because if you were to lose your settlement, they would not need to be paid back.

Car accident loans help you focus on your recovery and repairs, not the financial burden they have caused.
Accident settlement loans are a cash advance for a car accident lawsuit. You can receive cash within 24 hours as a placeholder for your future in a court settlement.

Car accident settlement loans cover you if you were in an accident and stuck in the middle of a pending lawsuit. Under these circumstances, you would qualify for a car accident settlement advance. Lenders consider the liability, damages, and insurance coverage during the review process to offer you a fixed percentage amount of your upcoming settlement.

Car accident settlement loans are meant for quick approval to pay off pending bills related to the car accident.
To qualify for car accident loans, you must apply and provide all required information about your action and lawsuit. The lender will consider all of these factors and calculate the best way to assist you.

You must also currently have an attorney working on your case to help review your pending lawsuit case. This is a way to protect both parties during the process.

Car accident settlement loans provide quick access to funds for any medical bills. These claims should be made right away for review as the process for approval happens quickly.

An accident loan company uses a team of experts to review all cases and quickly and efficiently qualify candidates for a car accident loan.
Car accident loans are dispersed within 24 hours from application. Firms guarantee that the funding from an auto accident loan will be in the victim’s hands no more than 24 hours after being approved for the accident advance.

An auto accident loan gets approved so quickly because applicants usually need the money soon to handle any pending expenses.
You should get an accident loan if you are struggling with one or more of these problems. 
  • Too injured to go to work
  • Low settlement offerings from an insurance company
  • In need of risk-free cash quickly
These are the three most common problems faced by accident loan applicants. 

If you are unable to work due to injuries, you will qualify for an accident loan. Your treatment should help you, not hinder your ability to make money. Accident loans will keep you from struggling and help you handle immediate bills until your lawsuit settlement occurs. 

Insurance companies often look to take advantage by offering lower settlements in hopes of catching a desperate victim in need of quick money. Don’t rush this decision and settle for less than you should. A car accident makes it possible to fight for what you deserve while still getting the quick cash required.

Car accident loans do not check credit scores to approve. This means that you can get quick and easy approval for money without risk. If you win your case, you pay back your lender the loan amount. If you lose your case, you do not need to pay back your car accident loan.