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In 1965, the US government first initiated the Medicare program, providing health insurance cover to those aged 65 and over. Since then, countless citizens have benefitted from this program, whereby beneficiaries and their employers pay a dedicated tax for the term of at least ten years prior to claiming.
Do you qualify for Medicare?  These are the criteria for eligibility in the Medicare plan:

  • If you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and suffer from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)
  • If you are receiving dialysis or in need of a kidney transplant
  • If you are under 65 years old and registered disabled
  • You have been a US citizen for five years, are over 65 years old and have been paying Medicare taxes for ten years (40 quarters)

Once you qualify for Medicare insurance, you can buy additional Medicare plans which pay the costs of larger treatments and prescription drugs, or a replacement option which includes added benefits.

The plans are lettered ‘A’ through ‘D’, with each having its own specific benefits:

Older woman with a nurse
  • A: Hospital insurance. This includes overnight stays, doctor’s fees, food and testing
  • B: Medical insurance. This will cover outpatient fees not included in Part A. Medicare will usually pay 80% of costs, while the patient covers the remaining 20%
  • C: Medicare Advantage Plans. This policy replaces a standard Medicare plan adding extra benefits, such as prescription drug insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance and the ability to visit any doctor in the country at any time. This is often purchased along with a Part D plan
  • D: Prescription drug plan. This, the latest in the line of Medicare plans was introduced in 2006 and offers beneficiaries prescription drug cover. With many citizens over 65 years of age taking regular prescriptions, this is a very popular policy

Whatever your requirements when it comes to Medicare, our licensed accredited agents are experts in all aspects of Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurance. We’ll help you navigate the Medicare minefield and find the plan that suits you best within your budget. Call us today and start benefitting from these great plans straightaway.

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