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How many pre-settlement loans can I get?

If you just took a pre settlement advance you might be wondering if you can apply for another. Times are tough and money goes fast. Good thing you can apply for as many advances as you would like. In fact the majority of people end up applying for more than one advance. There are several reasons for this. The first reason is it is hard to predict how much money you might need to get by until your case settles. Some people are unable to work following injuries that occurred as a result of the case. Bills might be starting to pile up and you might not be able to wait until your case settles to pay them. In some instances we approved quarterly advances so a client can manage their money and pay their bills. Another reason for this is as your case progresses and we have a better understanding of what might be brought in we can approve you for more money later on. At the beginning of the case information is still being collected, therefore as time goes on we can better assess the value of the case. It is important that we do not over advance a case as we want you to have money left after the attorney fees and cost, medical bills and liens are paid off. Just because you apply for an additional advance does not mean you will get approved either. After you send in an advance request, we reach out to your attorney for information and documentation. Once we hear back from your attorney your case goes into underwriting where our in-house attorneys review every case. The case will typically stay in underwriting for twenty four to forty eight hours before a decision is made.  Remember we do not get paid unless your case settles so we take the reviewing process very seriously.