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Instant pre settlement lawsuit loans with no strings attached

When you apply for a cash advance, there will be no credit checks, verifications of your income, or verification of your employment. Simply, there is no risk associated with our cash loans and the process is as seamless as can be. Baric Funding is here to help you and your family! If you are looking for pre settlement Funding, you have come to the right place. We advance you the money today and when your case settles, you pay us back. But remember if you don’t win your case or get a settlement, you don’t pay us back. 

HOW BARIC FUNDING WORKS: Our “Lawsuit Loans” are quick and risk free. Simply, if you don’t win, you don’t pay.At Baric Funding, we treat our clients professionally and compassionately. We understand the burdens and strains that legal troubles can create, which is why our settlement advances can truly help.We strive for transparency at our independent funding agency in Boca Raton; there are no hidden fees and no surprises.Our pre-settlement financing is simple and effective and you will be surprised with how easy the process is.

Baric Funding offers Same day Funding, No credit checks and your own case manager. 

Baric helps Accident victims with debilitating injuries that are often unable to return to work causing them to struggle to pay their bills. This can result in the client putting excessive pressure on the attorney to settle the case as fast as possible or accept the first offer that they receive. Baric’s goal is to provide you with Funding Now so that you can allow your attorney the time needed to maximize the settlement. We have provided loans as small as $500 to $100,000. We are compassionate in our lending practices. 

Baric Funding is proud of its reputation in the industry and operates with the highest ethical standards. We are family owned and operated. This gives us the ability to expedite the funding process and fund our client quickly.

Baric Funding is your solution. Quick personal Injury Funding prior to Settlement. Barics process is as easy as 123. Phone or online application, case evaluation/Document review by our professional staff, underwriting approval and case funding within 24 hours. 

Baric has helped thousands of plaintiffs get the money they deserve quickly and at a competitive rate. At Baric Funding, we treat every client like family and work very closely with them throughout the entire process.

Pre-Settlement Funding

Can I borrow money from my lawyer on my lawsuit?

Per the Florida Bar rules it’s unacceptable for an attorney to provide funding to their clients. However, an attorney may advance the cost for litigation on behalf of the client.  You may look up the Florida bar rule https://www.floridabar.org/etopinions/etopinion-96-1/  “4-1.8(e) Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, which prohibits a lawyer from

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Pre-Settlement Funding

Can I get a cash advance on my lawsuit?

Baric offers cash advances to plaintiffs that have a pending lawsuit. These cash advances are also known as litigation finance, lawsuit loans ( not a loan, it’s a non-recourse advance) and pre-settlement funding. If you have a pending lawsuit and have hired an attorney you might qualify for a cash

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Baric Enterprises offers settlement loans to those waiting for their lawsuit to settle
Pre-Settlement Funding

How to Take Advantage of Settlement Financing

Victims awaiting the outcome of a pending lawsuit can qualify for settlement financing from an approved lender like Baric Enterprises. An advance settlement is a way to receive funding quickly for temporary relief of bills and expenses until a settlement payment is received. Settlement financing covers personal injury, car accidents,

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