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Pre-Settlement Funding – FAQ and Answers from specialist

Bryan :Hello Everyone, today are here to answer the most frequenly asked questions about pre settlement funding at Baric enterprises. We have a top analytist here Maria, she is our Intake specialist.

Bryan : Maria, How are you, Today?

Maria: I am good, Thank you

Bryan :Now, How does it pre settlement funding process work?

Maria: So basically it based on a client’s case, what we do is, we will get a little information and we evaluate the case and it’s for any clients suddenly they need a fund right now, if they you know so much money to pay their bills we can help them out while they are waiting.

Bryan : OK, how long will this process take? 

Maria: So basically it based on a So, the process usually takes about 24 to 48 hours, depends on when we get the information back from their attorney

Bryan: What information is collected in this process?

Maria: So we do little intake with the client we ask their Name, their Address, their Phone number and little information about the case like just summerizing What happened, how it happened , and then the attorney information.

Bryan: Now, how much can a client get?

Maria: So, a client can get anywhere from $500 to $100000

Bryan: What happens if a client already has pre-settlement advance on somewhere else?

Maria: So if they have presettlement advance, we can look into doing additional funding as well as buying out the other funding company as long as the case merits the additional advance

Bryan: Ok,how does the client receives the funds?

Maria: So the client has two ways of receiving the funds, we can either do a bank wire transfer into the clients bank account or we can do a fedex overnight check

Bryan: Worst cast, what happend if the client looses the case?

Maria:So, then unfortunately we loose our investment. The case is lost

Bryan: Is there any risks to the client?

Maria:There is no rish to the client at all

Bryan: Now, do you have anymore questions please feel free to call 1-800-837-6781

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